Looking Back, Moving Forward

2023 is the year I finally focus on my ever-increasing backlog with furious intent. The era of keeping up with new releases is over; this is my time to conquer that bottomless void of unfinished games that I impulsively purchased thanks to various bundles and sales and bundles of sales. I have a horrible habit … Continue reading Looking Back, Moving Forward

Apple Market’s Unimpeachable Vibes

In an act that can only be described as “on brand”, I consider Mega Man Legends to be my favorite in the entire franchise. Not that I consider the other games inferior, mind you; in fact I adore the first few X entries and have always had a soft spot for Battle Network. There’s just … Continue reading Apple Market’s Unimpeachable Vibes

Finding Sincerity in CHAOS

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has an iconic scene early on where protagonist Jack Garland declares “Bullshit” at a character’s insistence that Chaos is merely a myth and not an actual entity. He then casually whips out his phone and plays a butt-rap tune while exiting the conversation entirely. It’s an incredible scene for … Continue reading Finding Sincerity in CHAOS

An Unhinged Look at the GBA Castlevania Games

At this point, it’s become an on-brand move for me to lightly pepper in a Castlevania article on this website in between other games. Of course, by “lightly pepper” I mean “call upon Mother Nature to pelt the world with golf ball-sized hail”. Even when I don’t write about Castlevania, I’m either referencing it or … Continue reading An Unhinged Look at the GBA Castlevania Games

Elden Ring, Tunic, and Narrative Through Exploration

Hey everyone! This is technically the next Backlog Abyss, but it’s going to be different from the listicle format I was using in the previous installments. This time around, I’m narrowing my focus to two particular games I finished in March, and comparing my experiences with them since there are a few similarities worth pointing … Continue reading Elden Ring, Tunic, and Narrative Through Exploration