My name is Joshua Delaney, but I tend to go by jarsh on the internet (it’s a boring story). I like writing about video games and have a preference for janky, lower budget games that are filled to the brim with charm and sincerity. Castlevania is okay too.

This blog is where I come to gush about some of my all time favorite games and dig into what makes them resonate with me. I might write about some newer games here and there, and I have a disgustingly large backlog of unplayed games that I should take a look at too at some point.

Also, this goes without saying but subjectivity is implied in everything I post here. I’m mostly just trying to get my thoughts out and maybe entertain some folks along the way. I hope you enjoy my rambling!

If you’d like to reach out for any inquiries or just want to chat, hit me up on twitter @jarshzone or shoot me an email at contact@jarsh.zone!