Elden Ring, Tunic, and Narrative Through Exploration

Hey everyone! This is technically the next Backlog Abyss, but it’s going to be different from the listicle format I was using in the previous installments. This time around, I’m narrowing my focus to two particular games I finished in March, and comparing my experiences with them since there are a few similarities worth pointing … Continue reading Elden Ring, Tunic, and Narrative Through Exploration

Backlog Abyss: February 2022

Welcome to the February edition of Backlog Abyss! I’m looking ahead at the release calendar for March and I am already exhausted. For February, I played three new releases and finished up a trilogy I started in January that I managed to sneak in right before You Know What™ released and took over our collective … Continue reading Backlog Abyss: February 2022