Apple Market’s Unimpeachable Vibes

In an act that can only be described as “on brand”, I consider Mega Man Legends to be my favorite in the entire franchise. Not that I consider the other games inferior, mind you; in fact I adore the first few X entries and have always had a soft spot for Battle Network. There’s just … Continue reading Apple Market’s Unimpeachable Vibes

An Unhinged Look at the GBA Castlevania Games

At this point, it’s become an on-brand move for me to lightly pepper in a Castlevania article on this website in between other games. Of course, by “lightly pepper” I mean “call upon Mother Nature to pelt the world with golf ball-sized hail”. Even when I don’t write about Castlevania, I’m either referencing it or … Continue reading An Unhinged Look at the GBA Castlevania Games